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We are a Software and Music solutions company based in Los Angeles, CA. Our goal is to help people do what they love ❤️, and leave the rest to us.

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Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to check out the website. We are Arbiter Corp. A team of highly ambitious, self-motivated, and driven software engineers, musicians and data scientists based in Los Angeles, CA.

We offer:

  • •Software Developement
  • •Data Collection
  • •Data Analysis
  • •UX Design
  • •UI Developement
  • •Machine Learning
  • •OpSec
  • •Music Production & Composition
  • •Sound Design
  • •Mixing & Mastering
  • •Product Testing
  • •Marketing
  • •and more...

Did I say we? Well, for now it's just me. I'm Jacob Boulgarides, a software devoloper and artist. I have a wide range of inspirations and passions, which pushes me to continue exploring new territories. I know just how important your vision can be, this is what drives me. I am always seeking new experiences and I love to keep myself engaged and learning new things. This website in particular was a great opportunity to practice developement and deployment. It was built with next.js as well as tailwind css, and was deployed using Vercel. Feedback on any of my projects is most welcome (I will be adding a comment section to this website to make this easier in the future). As of right now, I am looking to finally get my feet wet in an official software developer role. I have the foundation and functional knowledge to help build performant solutions in a professional environment.

I believe that you should never stop growing, and that's why I strive to do more. I have a passion for technology and a desire to always push the limits of what is possible. I'm extremely excited to see where the future takes me, and am always open to new opportunities. 🙂

Some of My Skills









Tailwind CSS


Data Visualization

Project Management


Modern Music Workflow

Concept Design


Projects and Resources


A collection of audio projects both complete, and in various stages of production, organized by genre and purpose.


A collection of code snippets, projects, resources, games, and more.


This explore link will take you directly to whatever project I have been cooking up for fun lately.

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Whether you're interested in working with me, or just want to learn more I'd love to hear from you!

Email: jboulgarides@arbitercorp.com

Phone: (949)-212-6042

Thanks for taking the time to check out
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